Starting as a sole trader builder in Wanaka in 2010, Nigel Anderson Building Ltd. officially began in 2013, with a high-spec project on Lakeside Drive.

Nigel Anderson Building signage on this project


Nigel began his building career in carpentry as a young man, before moving into commercial construction in his 20s. Needing more of a challenge, Nigel took his skills overseas working in a variety of different facets including:

  • Set building at Fox Studios in Australia
  • Creating large-scale vehicle display stands for motor show industry
  • Renovation and refurbishment projects, and landscape gardening in the UK

These highly contrasting building vocations helped to diversify Nigel’s skill set and teach him the foundations he needed to create Nigel Anderson Building Ltd. here in Wanaka.

Supported by a permanent team of five skilled builders, expanding to eight when needed, as well as his wife and two young boys, Nigel maintains three to four projects on the go at any one time.

Read about the process they go through with clients on architectural building projects.

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