Attention to detail and client communication are our core building ethics.

Here at Nigel Anderson Building we go through a four simple phases when working with our clients on architectural building projects.

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architectural home build on Lakeside Drive Wanaka

  1. Client’s Concept and Vision:
    This is about creating a synergy between the client, the architect and us. It’s a 3-way process. Throughout the design stage we can provide input into energy efficiency, materials and sustainability decisions. This phase may well begin with the client-architect relationship, or it may begin with us and the client. Either way, we can recommend a highly suitable architect for the job, or they may well recommend us.
  2. Construction Schedule:
    Here we establish our client’s goals and time constraints. We need to plan for unforeseen aspects arising and we ensure that client expectations are realistic. If the goals posts change, we move with them and adapt the schedule accordingly.
  3. Building and Project Management:
    The biggest phase and certainly the most time consuming, this is where we do what we do best! We manage the build from start to finish. We’re hands on with every aspect and we look after the subcontractors too, recycling as many materials as possible and minimising waste. We believe that any job doing, is worth doing right. Whilst adhering to the construction schedule is important, what’s more important is attention to detail. Throughout the whole process we keep the client updated with continual walk-through opportunities and updates on a weekly basis.
  4. Handover:
    Before the final handover to the client we perform a concluding walk-through, looking at every single aspect of the build in detail. If our clients aren’t 100% happy, we’re not happy either!

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